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“At Tech Lab Academy, we empower your digital journey with Computer Courses in Game Design, 3D Modeling, IT Engineering (including Microsoft Certified Server Engineer and Cisco Certified Network Engineer tracks), Video Editing, Web Designing, and more. Discover your passion and expertise in the world of technology and creativity. Join us today and unlock your full digital potential.”

Character Art

Game Designing & Development

Duration : 12 Months / Eligibility : 10th Pass

Overview : Game designing is an exciting field of study that combines the creative and technical aspects of game development. Through courses in game design, students can learn how to create engaging and immersive video games character by exploring the fundamentals of programming, graphic design, level design and more.

3D Modeling & Texturing

Duration : 6 Months / Eligibility : 10th Pass

Overview : In this course we will show you how to model in Autodesk Maya 2018 in a very simple way. We will also learn some basics in Maya. You will also learn the basic keyboard shortcuts in Maya. And you will also learn the UV edit method automatically and professionally. Also you will learn how to export items to other programs such as substance painter and others.

3D vehicle
Server Engineer

Microsoft Certified Server Engineer (MCSE)

Duration : 3 Months / Eligibility : 10th/Basic Hardware

Overview : The MCSE Computer Course is ideal for IT professionals who work in a Microsoft-based environment and want to demonstrate their expertise to employers and customers. This certification can help IT professionals advance their careers, increase their earning potential, and stay current with the latest Microsoft technologies.

Network Administrator (CCNA)

Duration : 3 Months / Eligibility : 10th/Basic Hardware

Overview : This Computer Course is designed for individuals seeking a career as a network administrator. The course covers the fundamentals of network administration and provides a comprehensive understanding of network architecture, design, and implementation. Throughout the course, students will learn about various networking protocols, including TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and others. They will also learn about network security, including firewalls, intrusion detection, and security best practices.

Network Engineer
IT Engineer

IT Engineering (Computer Hardware Engineering)

Duration : 6 Months / Eligibility : 10/12th Pass

Overview : This Computer Course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of computer hardware engineering and its applications in the real world. It covers topics such as Electronic components of Computer, PC Architecture, Computer Peripherals & Operating System Installation & Managing, MS-Office with Teams & OneDrive and other related topics. Students will also learn about how to use software tools on various platforms.

Website Designing

Duration : 2 Months + 1 Month for Portfolio building/Live projects / Eligibility : 8th Pass

Overview : In this Course Course, you will learn the fundamentals of website designing, including HTML. You will also be introduced to the basics of user experience (UX) design and how to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to create your own websites from scratch

Website Designing Photo
Video Editing

Video Editing

Duration : 2 Months / Eligibility : 10th Pass

Overview : To become a video editor, you will need to develop a strong understanding of video editing software and tools, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve. You will also need to have a good eye for composition and timing, as well as the ability to make creative decisions about how to use different shots and effects to enhance the story or message

PGDCA (Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application)

Duration : 12 Months / Eligibility : Graduation

Overview : (PGDCA) computer course is a great option for those looking to gain specialized knowledge and skills in the field of computer applications. It provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of computer application, such as software engineering, database management systems, programming languages, web development and more. The course also enables students to develop their technical skills in the field and understand the fundamentals of computer applications better. With this diploma course, students can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful professionals in the industry.

Diverse group of students

Financial Accounting (Tally Prime with GST)

Duration : 4 Months / Eligibility : 10th – 12th Pass

Overview : Tally Prime is a comprehensive computer course designed to help individuals learn the fundamentals of accounting and financial management. The course covers topics such as accounting, taxes, GST, payroll, inventory management and more. It also explains step-by-step how to use Tally Prime software to manage accounts, transactions and other accounting tasks. With this comprehensive course, individuals can gain the skills they need to become proficient in managing their finances or those of a business

ADCA (Advance Diploma in Computer Application)

Duration : 12 Months / Eligibility : 8th Pass

Overview : This computer course will teach you about Fundamentals Of Information Technology, Advance Internet, MS-Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook & One Drive), Introduction of Windows OS, Mail Management, Data Management, Windows Accessories & Functions, Practical of all the mentioned subjects

Teacher Teaching


Duration : 3 Months / Eligibility : 10th – 12th Pass

Overview : Graphic Designing is the process of designing and creating documents for print or digital media using specialized software. The Graphic Designing course is designed to provide knowledge and skills needed to create professional looking documents such as newsletters, brochures, flyers and other marketing materials.


Duration : 6 Months

Overview :The Certificate in Computer Application is a course that is designed to equip students with basic computer skills and knowledge. The course covers a range of topics including computer basics, operating systems, word processing, spreadsheets, and Internet basics

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