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Course Overview

Unlock the world of 3D creativity and visual storytelling with our comprehensive 3D Modeling and Texturing course. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, this 6-month course, followed by a 1-month internship, is your gateway to the exciting realm of 3D artistry and design.

Why Choose 3D Modeling & Texturing

The power of 3D modeling and texturing lies in its ability to bring imagination to life. From creating stunning characters and environments to crafting immersive experiences in gaming and animation, 3D design opens endless possibilities for visual storytelling.

Modeling in MAYA Basics Of Blender Texturing in Substance Painter Rendering in Arnold Portfolio ready renders in Marmoset Toolbag

Floppy Disk

Autodesk Maya

Getting started with

  • Getting started with UI and Interface
  • Modeling your first asset
  • Understanding of High poly and Low Poly
  • Baking
  • Unwrapping the model
  • Texturing
  • Rendering
  • Exporting Mesh
3D Art Level

Substance Painter

  • Baking in Substance painter
  • Texturing first asset in painter
  • Rendering
  • Understanding of AR/VR Products
Character Art

Adobe Photoshop

  • Making seamless textures 
  • Making Textures using 2D references 
  • PBR Texturing

Who This Course Is For​

Designed this course is for complete beginners who want to get started with Autodesk Maya.

This course is designed anyone that wants to learn 3D, and the tools used by professional artist in film and gaming industry.

Course is designed for beginner Autodesk Maya users who want to take their skills to a more advanced next level.

What You Will Learn?

Fundamentals of 3D Art: Dive into the basics of 3D design, understanding shapes, forms, and textures.

Software Proficiency: Master industry-standard software like Blender, Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter.

Texturing Techniques:  Learn to apply realistic textures, materials, and shaders to your 3D models.

Portfolio Development: Throughout the 6-month course, you’ll build an impressive portfolio of 3D artworks.

1-Month Internship: Real-World Experience Enroll Today and Dive into 3D Artistry!

Who Should Enroll?

Aspiring 3D Artists: Start your journey into the world of 3D design and animation. Discover your unique artistic voice in the digital realm.

Gamers and Storytellers: Enhance your storytelling abilities by creating your characters and worlds. Craft immersive narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Professionals: Add 3D modeling and texturing skills to your creative toolkit. Elevate your career with sought-after expertise.

Ready to embark on your 3D artistry journey? Enroll now and start crafting 3D worlds that captivate, inspire, and ignite your creativity!

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